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Urban Legends. Liminal Spaces. Military Horror.

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Antistatic Studios Logo


Antistatic is an emerging studio formed by industry veterans.


We create dark, atmospheric co-op games fueled by emergent gameplay and immersive sim design philosophy, where possibilities extend beyond the conventions of traditional video games.


We are not chained by a complicated corporate structure; we are a group of highly passionate game developers who want to do what they love in a space that empowers them.

We believe that excellence comes from creative freedom and unified goals

What we aim for is an unforgettable gaming experience that we can share with you - the most important part of this equation - the players.

Want to get to know us more personally?

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Antistatic Discord
Antistatic Studios Logo


We are currently working on our first game, which grew from our passion for the supernatural and war stories and was inspired by some of the biggest paranormal online communities.

The project codenamed HORNET is a PvE cooperative tactical shooter fueled by emergent gameplay.


You are a field agent operative who works for an organization known as Mortfield Industries. Your mission is to search and contain any paranormal activity by any means necessary while operating under the adverse conditions of the post-nuclear European continent.


With a procedurally-assisted open world full of dynamic events, secrets, and encounters with multiple factions and entities, the game will offer you an immersive simulation combined with the best experience of survival games.

And that's just a glimpse of the adventure ahead of you…

Antistatic Studios Logo


We are committed to creating vivid, comprehensive, and detailed worlds in our games.


We want to create the lore that will be inspiring for player’s and filled with authentic events and characters so real that you can immerse in it for hours.

Antistatic Studios Logo


Making games is never easy and requires a lot of talent and passion. In the upcoming months, we will be hiring people for various positions and departments. 


If you are curious about whether there will be a place for you in our team follow us on Linkedin.

The moment we are ready to hire, you will be the first to know!

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